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Nadine Caridi : Everything About The Ex-wife of Jordan Belfort

Published On Thu Sep 15 2022   Modified On Thu Sep 15 2022
Nadine Caridi : Everything About The Ex-wife of Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi is a former British model and actress. Nadine Caridi caught the eyeball as the wife of Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi have parted away but Nadine is still better known as the wife of Jordan Belfort.

Nadine Caridi's ex-husband, Jordan Ross Belfort is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author, and former stockbroker. Jordan Belfort gains huge appreciation and fame when his book based on  Stratton Oakmont, The Wolf of Wall Street was published in 2007. The book penned by Nadine Caridi's ex-spouse was such as hit that it was later adapted into the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The ex-wife of Jordan Belfort is also popular as an influential author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Jordan and her ex-partner are parents to two kids, Chandler and Carter. 

Let's discover Nadine's Early Life, and familial history, covering her parents, net value, marriages, and children.

Nadine Caridi Early Life: Born In London & Grew Up In New York

Nadine Caridi was born on November 6, 1962, in London, England. There is scant available information about her parents and formative years. Nadine Caridi originates from a mixed family background. Her father was Italian whereas her mother had German, Dutch, and English ancestors.

Nadine though born in London but grew up in Bay Ridge, a neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York. As she along with her parents shifted to the USA when she was a child. That's the reason why she was called "The Duchess of Bay Ridge".

Former model and  Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife, Nadine Caridi

Neither there is any information available about her Educational background except that she attended John Dewey High School in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

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Nadine Caridi's Career

Nadine Caridi is a well-known British model and actress. In Addition, she is also a certified marriage and family therapist, Author and entrepreneur.

Her Career As A Model

The Duchess of Bay Ridge started her career as a model in the 90s. She started her modelling career as a poster girl for “Miller Lite". Nadine Caridi's charms and elegance bring her advertisements to light. She received huge appreciation for her modelling work and decided to pursue her career in the entertainment world.

Caridi has established a reputation for herself and a respectable position here. She appeared in a variety of advertising regularly. The biggest breakthrough in her modelling career was when she appeared in a commercial for Monday Night Football.

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Nadine Caridi Is A Certified Marriage and Family Therapist

Jordan Belfort's ex-spouse, Caridi completed a master's degree in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She later earned a PhD in Somatic Psychotherapy in 2015. Caridi is currently employed as a therapist for families and marriages.

Margot Robbie Essayed Nadine Character in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Nadine Caridi's husband, Jordan Belfort published the book "The Wolf of wall street". The book was later adapted into a movie. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed the role of Jordan Belfort. 

Margot Robbie played the role  of Nadine Caridi in "The Wolf of wall street"

The role of Jordan's Second wife, Nadine was essayed by the popular actress Margot Robbie. Nadine's Character was portrayed as Naomi Lapaglia on-screen.

Nadine Caridi And Jordan Belfort's Relationship

The British model who is often called "The Duchess of Bay Ridge" married the well-known Author Jordan Belfort in 1991 after they dated for a couple of years.

Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort

Caridi was not the first wife of Jordan Belfort. Jordan was married to Denise Lombardo when he begin dating Nadine Caridi. Because of Jordan Belfort's extra-marital affair with Nadine, Lombardo divorced Jordan Belfort in 1990.

Nadine Caridi Shares Two Kids With Jordan Belfort

The ex-husband of Denise Lombardo tied the knot with Nadine Caridi after Lombardo divorced him. Jordan and his ex-wife spent a good time for a couple of years and in between became parents of two children.

The romantic couple welcome their first kid, daughter Chandler Belfort on July 29, 1993, while their second child, a son Carter Belfort was born on August 15, 1995.

What Were The Reason Behind Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort's Divorce?

Just after the birth of their second child, their marital relationship begins to witness problems and the reason was Jordan Belfort's drug addiction and his infidelity. Things started being worst and eventually ended with their separation. Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi divorced in 1998.

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Nadine Caridi Past Relationship

The author of "The Wolf of Wall Street" was not the first man in Nadine Caridi's life as well. Before having an affair with Jordan Belfort, the beautiful British model was dating Alan Wilzig. 

Alan Wilzig is a part-time race car driver.  furthermore, he earlier served as the president of his father, Siggi Wilzig's, Trust Company of New Jersey. 

And it was Alan Wilzing who introduces Nadine Caridi to Jordan Belfort's. And after breaking up with Alan Wilzing, Nadine Caridi begins dating Jordan Belfort.

Jordan Belfort Had A Yacht Named After His ex-wife Nadine Caridi

Jordan Belfort purchased a fancy yacht that was built for the late French artist Coco Chanel. Later, he christened the yacht Nadine. In June 1996 Unfortunately, the elegant yacht drowned off the east coast of Sardinia paratroops from the Italian Navy's special forces evacuated everyone on board.

Belfort later explained that he persisted in cruising out in severe gusts, despite the Yacht captain's orders, which caused the catastrophe.

Nadine Married John Macaluso After Her Divorce From Jordan Belfort

The marital relationship between Nadine and the famous author, Jordan Belfort ended in 1998. The couple were together for 7 years. Right after the divorce from Jordan Belfort, "The Duchess of Bay Ridge" tied the knot with John Macaluso. John is a successful entrepreneur and also served as the CEO of Wizard World.

Nadine Caridi and her second husband John Macaluso

Nadine Caridi is 22 years younger than John Macaluso. John is the father of three children, Frankie, Allie, and Nicky, born from John's previous relationship. 

Nadine and his second husband become grandparents in March 2020. Nadine shared the photo of her with newborn baby Charles John on her Instagram.

Nadine Caridi's Net Worth

Nadine is a popular actress and a model who was also involved in a few other professions as well. As of 2022, the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort has an estimated net worth of  $3 million.

While Nadine's ex-husband, Jordan Belfort who is a well-known author, and businessman have an estimated net worth of over $100 million to date.


Q. When was Nadine Caridi Born?

Nadine Caridi was born on  November 6, 1962, in London, England.

Q. Why is Nadine Caridi often called "The Duchess of Bay Ridge"?

Nadine Caridi after her birth shifted to Bay Ridge, a neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in Bay Ridge and that is why she is called "The Duchess Of Bay Ridge".

Q. How many Kids does Nadine Caridi Share with Jordan Belfort?

Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort are parents of two kids. They have a daughter named Chandler Belfort and a son Carter Belfort.

Q. Why did Nadine Caridi divorce Jordan Belfort?

The reason behind Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort's divorce is Belfort's addiction to drugs.

Q. Who did Nadine Caridi Marry after her divorce from Jordan Belfort?

Nadine Caridi Married John Macaluso after her divorce from Belfort.

Q. What is the net worth of Nadine Caridi in 2022?

Nadine Caridi has a net worth of  $3 million as of 2022.


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