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Who is Katherine Berkery? Baby Mama of Tom Jones and Mother of Jonathan Berkery

sajju Published On Sun Jan 16 2022   Modified On Mon Sep 19 2022
Who is Katherine Berkery? Baby Mama of Tom Jones and Mother of Jonathan Berkery

Katherine Berkery is a former model who rose to prominence as a result of her three-day affair with OBE-winning musician Sir Thomas Jones Woodward, best known as Tom Jones. 

Tom Jones despite being a married celebrity is known for his extra-marital affairs. If rumours are to be believed, Tom Jones once confessed that he has an intimate relationship with 250 women within a year.

The 3-day fling between Katherine Berkery and Tom Jomes resulted in the birth of the son Jonathan Berkery. But, Tom denied him being his father, but the DNA test revealed the truth, making him pay £1,700 monthly as child maintenance until his 18th birthday.

Katherine was struggling to make her career when she was in limelight because of her link up with OBE winner, Tom Jones. Her intimate relationship with Tom Jones and controversies related to their son made people interested to know more about Katherine Berkery. 

Follow this article to learn more about Katherine Berkery. Let's get started.

Katherine Berkery Early Life, Family, Education

Katherine Berkery was born in 1963 in Korea. Her Korean parents rejected her at the age of eight. Later on, Katherine was raised by a wealthy New Jersey financier and his wife. Katherine shifted to America along with her adoptive parents. She was raised there by her new parents.

While talking about her parents, there is not much information regarding her biological and adoptive parents. She hasn't revealed about her siblings too. Katherine grew up with the dream to be a model.

Berkery Educational Background

Katherine might have completed high school. She looks like a well-educated lady. But, Her Educational details are unknown.

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A three-day affair with The Voice UK judge Tom Jones.

Katherine Berkery was still struggling to be a model when she met Tom Jones. Katherine Berkery met Tom Jones in a restaurant on 29th October 1987 while he was on tour in the US. Katherine was working in that restaurant.

She was invited by Tom to watch his performance. Katherine accepted the Tom Jones invitation and went to the show. They both had dinner together and went to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan after the show. They spent three nights together. 

After three months, she realized that she was pregnant, and when she tried to tell Tom all about it, Tom didn't answer the call but his assistant said,

"He has had sex with around 250 women per year while at his peak career. 

As a result of their brief relationship, their son, Jonathan Berkery, was born on 27th June 1988. However, he denied the fact that Jonathan was his child.

Thomas Refused To Accept Katherine's Son.

Jones was forthright about his affairs even though he was married to his high school girlfriend, Linda Trenchard, and shared his son, Mark, with her. But Tom Jones denied accepting Katherine Berkery's son and even alleged Katherine for seducing him.

When Tom Jones denied being the child's father, Katherine went to court for justice.  The court asked for the DNA test, which resulted in him being the biological father of Katherine's son. Finally, the baby mama of Jonathan Berkery won the case and gave her son the name of his father.

To win the legal battle, Jones' lawyers attempted to portray Berkery as a prostitute. And Jones continued to claim that Berkery had duped him: "I was duped, frankly." "I simply fell for it."

picture of Jonathan Berkery
Katherine Berkery's son, Jonathan Berkery

 But after losing the case, he agreed to pay £1,700 monthly as child maintenance until his 18th birthday, as ordered by Manhattan Family Court Judge Judith B. Sheindlin. 

Moreover, the Himself singer showed Berkery as a prostitute to win the case and blamed her for seducing him.

Birth of Jonathan Berkery and His Life

The son of Katherine Berkery and Tom Jones was born on  June 27, 1988. Jones might have accepted Jonathan his blood but he always tried to make a safe distance from Katherine's Son. While Jones avoided his illegitimate son, his son continued to try to contact him because he desired to spend time alongside his father.

picture of Jonathan Berkery and his mom
Jonathan Berkery and his mom Katherine Berkery

Jonathan Berkery was initially ignorant of Jones because his mother had convinced him that his dad was engrossed with his business. He only found out about him when he was ten.

Jonathan was brilliant at studying and always on the line to have a bright future but his estranged relationship with his daddy ruined his future. The non-acceptance from his musician father was hard for Jonathan and he couldn't cope with that and lost track.

The teen Jonathan started hanging out with the wrong people and things get worst when he becomes a drug addict. He even worked as a gun-carrying dealer.

Seeing the son going off the track, Jonathan's mom brought her back home and encourage him to pursue a career in music but this too didn't work. 

Jonathan further loses his job and became homeless. He currently stays in a homeless shelter in New Jersey and earns his livelihood by singing on the streets. Despite his father's lack of interest in him, Jonathan is hopeful that one day his father will open his heart to him.

While Jonathan continues to wait for his father, Katherine has gone on with her life and begun a new family.

Tom Jones Was Married & Had A Son.

While he was having a physical relationship with Katherine, he was married to his longtime girlfriend, Linda Trenchard, in 1957, with whom he has a son named Mark Woodward

The If I Only Knew singer described how he fell in love with his late wife in his autobiography called Over the Top and Back

Img of Tom Jones with his wife, Linda Trenchard
Tom Jones with his wife, Linda Trenchard 

He confessed to his wife about his extramarital affairs, and despite that, they stayed together until Linda's death on 10th April 2016 due to cancer.

 He has dated several celebrities, including Mary Wilson, Charlotte Laws, Marjorie Wallace, Cassandra Peterson, and Priscilla Presley, widow of music icon Elvis Presley. On the other hand, Katherine stays single and is happy living with her son.

Profession Career

Katherine began her career as a model aspirant. However, because conditions were difficult for her, she worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. She worked as a shipping clerk at Regine's Nightclub before leaving to work as a manager at a restaurant.

She isn't a very well-known celebrity. She gained recognition as the mother of the renowned Welsh singer Sir Thomas John Woodward. He is known as the name of Tom Jones. She used to work as a restaurant manager and then made her career as a model. 

However, Katherine came into the spotlight for a while because of her relationship with Tom Jones. Barkery was cast as one of the club girls in Picture Perfect, a short film directed by Brett Meyer.

 Later on, she landed a job in the real estate industry and became a real estate agent. Barkery has been living a low-key life after the case was closed.

Katherine Berkery's Current Relationship

Katherine ended her relationship with Tom Jones. After that, she leads her single life. According to Biography Talks, Katherine has married another man living with him in North Carolina. She has kept her personal life away from the media.

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Estimated Net Worth

 Speaking of her net worth, she might have an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. Katherine might be earned a good amount of money throughout her career. Her primary source of income is her modelling career. Besides this, Katherine is living a quality lifestyle.

Meanwhile,  Tom Jones has earned tremendous money throughout his career. Tom Jones has a huge net worth of $300 million. Tom has paid $500,000 for Dean Martin's mansion in Los Angeles.

Later on, he sold the home for $6.46 million in 1998. Jones has also owned an 8,143 square-foot villa in the Mulholland Estates and purchased it for $2.65 million in 1998

Pic of Tom Jomes flashing his property
 Katherine Ex-Tom Jones life style

The star has sold more than 100 million records and bagged 36 Top 40 hits in the UK and 19 in the US charts. The Welsh star is living a lavish lifestyle. 

Tom has earned money from his career in television, such as being a judge on The Voice. Tom hasn't revealed about his cars and another source of income.


Q. When was Katherine Berkery Born?

Katherine Berkery was born in 1963 in Korea.

Q. Where did Katherine meet Tom Jones for the first time?

 Katherine Berkery met Tom Jones in a restaurant on 29th October 1987 while he was on tour in the US

Q. How many days Katherine Berkery and Tom Jones spent together in a hotel?

They spend 3 days together in a hotel

Q. Is Jonathan Berkey the biological son of Tom Jones?

Yes, Tom Jones is the father of Jonathan Berkery. It was proved by DNA test

Q. How much money Tom Jones paid to Katherine Berkery as a settlement?

Tom Jones paid £1,700 monthly as child maintenance until Jonathan18th birthday

Q. Who is the real wife of Tom Jones?

Tom Jones is married to Linda Trenchard, in 1957.

Q. Is Katherine Berkery married anyone later?

There is no information about Katherine Berkery's current relationship or marriage.

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