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Janine Poreba: Inside Life Of Paul Lieberstein's Wife

abhram Published On Tue Sep 13 2022   Modified On Tue Sep 13 2022
Janine Poreba: Inside Life Of Paul Lieberstein's Wife

Janine Poreba is an American-born actress and an English Tutor at Santa Monica College. Janine Poreba is better known as the wife of Paul Lieberstein. Paul Lieberstein is a well-known actor who gains the limelight from the movie, "The Office".

Janine Poreba's spouse, Paul Lieberstein was also a co-founder of Aaron Sorkin's HBO political drama series The Newsroom, as well as the screenwriter and executive producer of the NBC sitcom. Paul and his wife Janine Poreba have been together for a long time.

Paul Lieberstein is a popular actor but his Paul Lieberstein wife Janine Poreba rose to prominence after her link-up with Paul. Since Janine begins dating Paul, Paul fans wanted to know more about Janine. Janine and Paul's marriage relationship is over a decade long but there is very little known about Paul Liberstein's long-term partner, Janine Poreba.

Continue reading to learn about her celebrity life, age, relation with her husband, net worth, and more.

Early Life Details: Age, Parents, Education & More

Janine Poreba was born in 1973 in the USA. Janine Poreba is the daughter of Elizabeth Poreba and John Poreba.

Janine Poreba belongs to a well-educated family. Both her parents are involved in the teaching profession. Janine Poreba's father John Poreba was a science educator at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School during the late 2000s. While Janine Poreba's mother, Elizabeth Poreba was a teacher at Bard High School Early College, New York. 

Janine Poreba born with the full name Janine Serafin Poreba is a native of Manhattan. Paul Liberstein's wife grew up in Manhattan and then later shifted to Los Angeles.

The maternal grandpa of Janine Poreba had served in the Army Air Force through World War 2. Later on, he ran his own plumbing business in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Janine Poreba Education Details

Janine Poreba graduated from Harvard University with great honours. The wife of The Office actor did her masters in English Teaching from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.

Janine Poreba And Paul Lieberstein Tied Knot In 2008 

Janine and Poreba's romantic relationship began in 2007. It was just when started going out with the Hamilton College graduate, as stated by Paul Himself. The Newsroom executive producer, Paul Lieberstein and his girlfriend Janine Poreba was married on July 17, 2008. The wedding took place at Battery Garden, a restaurant in New York. Paul and Janine's wedding was officiated by a  Presbyterian pastor, The Rev Dr James G Speer.

Janine Poreba with her husband Paul Lieberstein

Janine Poreba didn't add her husband's Paul Lieberstein last name to her name and kept her maiden name. But Janine is not the first wife of The Office actor, Paul Lieberstein.

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Janine Poreba's Career

The wife of Paul Lieberstein, Janine Poreba is in the teaching profession. She is an English Instructor at Santa Monica College, California. She is still involved in it.

Janine Poreba is an English Instructor

Paul Lieberstein's wife is also an actress who appeared in the TV Series, Law and order and The Office. The English Instructor was also seen in the hit Song of Back and Neck which was released in 2005.

Janine Poreba's Appear In The Office?

Janine Poreba's spouse, Paul Liebersten got the breakthrough from the show "The Office", this was career defining series for Paul. Janine Poreba was part of this show. Janine Poreba the future wife of Paul Lieberstein was seen portraying the role of Amy at Phyllis’ wedding in the 15th episode of the third season of the Emmy-winning NBC series.

Janine Poreba played the role of an ex-girlfriend of a character named Toby and this character was played by Paul Lieberstein. Even though there was an intimate scene between Amy and Toby but the scene was omitted by the makers. Janine Just appeared in a single episode of the show and she was introduced as the girlfriend of Paul Liebersten in the show

Janine Poreba Assisted Her Husband With The Back Pain And Later In Making A Movie

Janine's Husband and The Office Actor, Paul Lieberstein was struggling with back pain for over 20 years. Everyone tried their possible best to help him but nothing worked. Later, Janine gave Paul a book to read and that worked and Paul get rid of his pain.

Janine asked her husband Paul to make a movie about his experience. Paul made a comedy movie titled, Song Of Back and Neck in 2018. When asked about the idea behind making this film, Paul stated,

“I had this awful back pain for over 20 years, and I saw everybody and did everything about it.”

He also added,

"Janine gave him a book to read, after which the back pain was not there".

Poster of the comedy flick, Song of Back and Neck

The pain was more physiological than physical for him as claimed by, The Togetherness actor. The pain was troubling him because of his past issues, he further added. The movie "Song of Back and Neck" is inspired by the book that Janine gave him and is mainly focused on suppressed anger.

Is Janine Poreba Available On Social Media?

The Togetherness, Actor, Paul Lieberstein enjoys a good fan following on social media platforms like Instagram but his wife, Janine Poreba is yet to see him on such a platform. It won't be wrong to say, the wife of Paul Lieberstein, Janine liked to have a low-profile life and her husband respect her privacy and hasn't shared even a single picture of her.

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Janine Poreba's Fortune

Janine Poreba is earning a handsome amount from her teaching profession. Also, earn a certain amount from her acting credits. Her exact net worth is yet to be estimated but it can be in the range of  $100k-$500k

While Janine Poreba's partner, Paul Lieberstein has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2022.


Q. Who  Is Janine Poreba Husband?

The popular actor, Paul Lieberstein is the husband of Janine Poreba.

Q. When Was Janine Poreba Born?

The exact birth date of Janine Poreba is not known, but she was born in the year 1973. She is 49 years old as of now.

Q. Was Janine Poreba an Actress?

Janine Poreba appeared in the TV Shows, The Office and Law & Order.

Q. What is The Main Profession of Janine Poreba?

Janine Poreba is an English Instructor at Santa Monica College

Q. What Is the Net-worth of Janine Poreba's Husband?

Janine Poreba's husband, Paul Lieberstein has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2022.

Q. How many Kid Janine Poreba Have?

Janine Poreba and her husband Paul Lieberstein is parent to a daughter.

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