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Ellen Pierson - Robert Kardashian's Wife Who is Blamed For Selling Personal Info

sajju Published On Wed Jun 16 2021   Modified On Mon Sep 19 2022
Ellen Pierson - Robert Kardashian's Wife Who is Blamed For Selling Personal Info

Ellen Pierson is an American Real Estate Agent and Director of Sales at Western Title Resources in Carlsbad, California. She is widely known as the widow of her late husband, Robert George Kardashian. Ellen Piersen is also known as the American “Title Insurance Professional".

Ellen Pierson was the third wife of her late husband Robert Kardashian. Ellen Pierson's late spouse was the ex-husband of Kris Jenner and the father of Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian. But, Ellen Pierson gained huge attention when she came forward and claimed Khloe Kardashian is not the biological daughter of her late husband Robert Kardashian.

Robert Kardashian was an American attorney and businessman who died of oesophagal cancer six weeks after his marriage to Ellen Pierson. Despite belonging to the Kardashian family, Ellen Pierson is looked down upon by a majority of the Kardashian family and this is why Ellen never gets the fame she deserved.

Here, we are going to explore every aspect of Ellen Pierson's Life. Stay till the end.

Know Facts About Ellen: Her Early Life

Judith Ellen Pierson was born in 1949 in the USA to her American parents.  Her caring American parents raised her. However, the details about her father and mother are unknown.

By nationality, she is an American and belongs to the white ethnicity. She was born under the sun sign of Gemini. Ellen hasn't mentioned her siblings.

Talking about Ellen's Educational background, she attended primary and high school education. As per the report, she dropped her educational journey to pursue her career as a Real Estate Agent and Director of sales.

Ellen Pierson's Marital Relationship with Robert

Picture of Robert Kardashian and Ellen Pierson
Ellen Pierson's late husband, Robert George Kardashian.

Ellen Peirson is a businesswoman but she is popular as the widow of Robert Kardashian. Talking About their relationship, Ellen Pierson and Robert Kardashian began dating in the late 1990s. After a couple of years of dating, Robert Proposed to his girlfriend Ellen Pierson in 2001. After two years of their engagement, they married in August 2003. Unfortunately, their marital relationship didn't last long. 

The couple had known that Robert had cancer a couple of weeks before they tied the knot. The couple remained together until the death of Robert Kardashian, died on September 30, 2003

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Death of her husband, Robert George Kardashian

Robert George Kardashian (22nd February 1944) was an American attorney and businessman. He was born to his parents, Arthur Kardashian (27th October 1917- 9th December 2012) and Helen Jean Arakelian Kardashian (15th July 1917 - 21st May 2008). He grew up playing with his siblings, Barbara Kardashian Freeman and Thomas Tom Kardashian. 

pcture of Rober Kardashian Family
Robert Kardashian's kids: Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob. 

He had four children, Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloe, and Rob, with his first wife, Kris Kardashian. Furthermore, he was linked with Denice Shakarian Halicki and finally Ellen Pierson. Mr Robert was diagnosed with oesophagal cancer in July 2003

He passed away on 30th September 2003 at the age of 59 and was buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, California. 

Who was Ellen Pierson's Ex-Husband, Robert Pierson?

The father Kim Kardashian was an advocate who caught the eyeball after he advocated the murder trial of O.J. Simpson. The trial was so popular that it was even regarded as the trial of the century.

Regarding Robert's death, Simpson reportedly Told that he was startled to hear the news of Robert Kardashian's Demise.

“It’s shocking when a friend close to you passes. I loved Bobby. Bob was there when I needed him most,”.

O.J. Simpson told CNN.

Khloe Kardashian Isn't Robert's Biological daughter.

In January 2012, Pierson and Robert's second wife, Jan Ashley, revealed a thing in an interview with Star Magazine. They said that Robert wasn't the biological father of Khloe Kardashian. Both Ellen and Jan stated that Robert pondered his paternity for Khloe in his later years. They even added that Khloe looked different from the other three kids in her hair and height. 

pcture of Rober Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian
Ellen Pierson alleged Khloe Kardashian isn’t Robert’s biological daughter.

Even Robert once said to Jan that Khloe doesn't belong to the Kardashian family, and Kris cheated on him while they were still married. 

"He merely looked at me and uttered it as if it were a fact. 'Well, you do realize Khloe isn't a Kardashian, don't you?' he added. And I said...'OK,' and that was the end of it."

Meanwhile, Ellen told Star,

"Khloe always brought it up. She didn't resemble the others. She was tall, with an unusual figure, light hair, and wavy hair. He didn't resemble the other three children."

 Furthermore, Ellen dropped one more shocker stating her late Robert told her, he wasn't even sleeping with Kris when she conceived Khloe. He didn't even consider having a DNA test because he loved Khloe very much.

 To our surprise, it came true, as Kris admitted in her book titled Kris Jenner And All Things Kardashian.


In 2013, Kris Jenner filed a lawsuit against Ellen Pierson for selling Robert's part of his diary/journal and their photos to tabloids for ten thousand dollars. "In Touch Weekly" magazine published that Kris was having an external affair with Todd Waterman, a soccer player she claimed to be false. 

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Kris sued Ellen for $500,000 and asked for the U.S. copyright to own the things. Moreover, Khloe also mentioned Pierson as trash and that she married her dad while he was on his deathbed!!! In her tweet, Ellen replied, saying it was false and that she was aware of his health condition while they were dating. 

Ellen Pierson Filed for Bankruptcy

After the death of her husband just a week after their marriage, Ellen Pierson went through a financial crisis. The widow of Robert Kardashian was not even accepted by the Kardashian family. Kim Kardashian's stepmom's financial condition became so worst that she had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Their Indian Wells, California home, which she shared with her late husband Robert Kardashian, was sold in October 2011 after it went into foreclosure.

Professional Career: She Is In Real Estate Business Since The '70s

By profession, Pierson is an American Real Estate Agent and Director of Sales. She is in the real estate business since the 1970s. Ellen Pierson owns J.M Pearson Real Estate, based in Santa Clarita, California. The wife of late Robert Kardashian serves as the vice president until the company was shut down in 1984.

She then worked at Western Title Resources in Carlsbad, California.  Here, she served as the Title Insurance sales representative from 1985-2001. Furthermore, Ellen served  Heritage Escrow based in Palm Desert as director of sales from 2000-2008.

The widow of Robert Kardashian is currently working as the corporate sales director at Westminister Title Compny, Inc in the Greater San Diego Area since February 2019.

Ellen Pierson Won Few Prestigious Awards Throughout Her Career

The third wife of late Robert Kardashian has been in real state business over the decades.

In her decades-long career, Ellen Pierson has won a few prestigious awards. As per her LinkedIn profile, she earned the Longest Drive Award at the Willis Allen Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament in August 2015. Additionally, she has been named Affiliate of the Year thrice.  Ellen has also received several awards for her sales ability in the title insurance sector.

Estimated Net Worth

Ellen Pierson has earned a good amount of money throughout her career. Ellen has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her primary source of income is her career as a Real Estate Agent and Director of sales. 

The Real Estate agent has been able to accumulate a good fortune. She hasn't revealed his annual earning salary.

Meanwhile, Ellen's husband was a millionaire who died after only two months of marriage. Her late husband had an estimated net worth of $30 million when he was alive.

Picture of Kim Kardashian
 Robert Kardashian's daughter, Kim Kardashian, has a 1.8 billion USD net worth.

 Ellen inherits a significant portion of her husband's wealth as a report. Through this, Ellen lives a lavish lifestyle.

While Kim Kardashian the actor daughter of the late Robert Kardashian has a whopping net worth of $1.8 billion as of 2022.

Physical Appearance

 Ellen appears to be quite tall. However, the details of her height and weight are unknown. But, Ellen has light brown hair with brown eyes colour.

Social Media Profile

Ellen is quite active on her social media platforms. The Real Estate agent is active on social media like  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ellen has more than 1595 followers on her Instagram account and 570 followers on her Twitter account. Ellen Pierson has been followed by more than 640 followers on her Facebook account.


Q. Who is Ellen Pierson?

Ellen Pierson is an American Real Estate Agent and Director of Sales at Western Title Resources in Carlsbad, California.

Q. When was Ellen Pierson born and who are her parents?

Judith Ellen Pierson was born in 1949 in the USA to her American parents. The name of her parents has not been revealed.

Q. Who was the husband of Ellen Pierson?

Late Robert Kardashian was the husband of Ellen Pierson

Q. How did Ellen Pierson's husband die?

Ellen Pierson's husband died due to  oesophagal cancer on 30th September/

Q. How many wife Robert Kardashian had before Ellen Pierson?

Ellen Pierson was the third wife of the late Robert Kardashian. He was previously married to Kris Kardashian and Jan Ashley

Q. What's the net worth of Ellen Pierson as of 2022?

 Ellen has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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